Dulaney Theatre Webmix Let Me Hear You Whisper 6tot... Nasty Things, Murders 5f A Point of View 5f SomeofMyBest FriendsRSmiths ... The Audition is Over 6f Noodle Doodle Box 3m3f Act Three, Scene Five 1m4f Dear Papa 1m4f The Eden Echo 1m4f Just Another Day 1m4f Ladies in Waiting 1m4f Sunday Costs Five Pesos 1m4f The Tale ThatWaggedtheDog 1m... When the Fire Dies 1m4f The Open Window 1m3f+ The American Dream 2m3f Boy Meets Girl 2m3f Childhood 2m3f The Flattering Word 2m3f Heritage of Wimpole St. 2m3f Mimsy Were the Borogoves 2m3f Sicilian Limes 2m3f Voices (Lortz) 2m3f Calabasas Street 2m4f Do Not Go Gentle 2m4f Death of Nosferaatu 2m4f
Farewell To Galatea 2m4f Foiled by an InnocentMaid 2m... Gloria Mundi 2m4f Hooray for Adam Spelvin 2m4f Kamikaze Kate 2m4f Now that April's Here 2m4f OldTheLady ShowsHerMedals 2m... A Separate Peace 2m4f WhiteRoomofMy Remembering 2m... Candida 3m2f The Cat's Away 3m2f A Gazebo for My Lady 3m2f Infancy 3m2f Inside Al 3m2f Out of Control 3m2f The Sandbox 3m2f Trifles 3m2f Antic Spring 3m3f The Bathroom Door 3m3f Candid 3m3f The Dear Departed 3m3f A Doll's House (Pia) 3m3f Good Bye to the Clown 3m3f Happy Journey to....3m3f Louder, I Can't Hear You 3m3f The Magician's Nephew 3m3f Quazimodo! 3m3f Stranger With Roses 3m3f Two Crooks and a Lady 3 m3f The Underground Venus 3m3f The Unknown Soldier 3m3f A Woman Called Truth 3m3f Aria Da Capo 4m1f All in Disguise 4m2f The Bridal Night 4m2f Episode on an Autumn Eve 4m2f Flowers for Algernon 4m2f The Man in the Bowler Hat 4m... Passion,Poison& Ptrifact. 4m... The Room 4m2f Shut and Bar the Door 4m2f Take Five 4m2f The Telltale Heart 4m2f The Valiant 5m1f Clevinger's Trial 6m

Dulaney UIL-OAP 5-6Actors

Webmix of University Interscholastic League's One Act Plays for students and teachers for 1-4 actors and websites related to its production and uil (pink are drama and yellow are comedy)

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